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Great Concerts of Polish Nature

Great Concerts of Polish Nature 2
Recorded by Tomasz Ogrodowczyk
Publisher: ORWLP Leśne Studio Filmowe (National Forestry Administration), Bedoń, Poland

20 soundscapes recorded in Poland. No narrator, only sound. Booklet in Polish, English, German and Russian. CD, about 76 min.
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  1. Eagle Owl
  2. Tawny Owl
  3. Wetlands in the spring - goose and cranes
  4. The singer of a spring forest (Capercaillie)
  5. A mystery in praise of the sun (Black Grouse)
  6. Evening flights of woodcoks
  7. Our largest woodpecker (Black Woodpecker)
  8. An omen for rain (Chaffinch)
  9. Trumpeters from a willow green alder (Crane)
  10. In the heart of the forest
  11. Between the forest and the pond (Common Rosefinch)
  12. Mockig bird (Icterine Warbler)
  13. A restless solist (Sedge Warbler)
  14. Reed Bunting
  15. The best fiddler of the meadow (Corncrake)
  16. In the forest (Willow Warbler and Yellowhammer)
  17. A secretive River Warbler
  18. Meadow in the middle of the forest
  19. Face to face with Raven
  20. Mating ritual of deer in the autumn - rut

To order >>>>
Price 129 kr NEW PRICE 60 SEK (VAT included)