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Great Concerts of Polish Nature

Great Concerts of Polish Nature
Recorded by Tomasz Ogrodowczyk
Publisher: ORWLP Leśne Studio Filmowe (National Forestry Administration), Bedoń, Poland

20 soundscapes recorded in Poland. Short comment of narrator in Polish at the beginning of CD, than only sound. Booklet in Polish, English, German and Russian. CD, about 77 min.
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  1. Introduction of narrator 1min 50s
  2. The spring awakening of a forest (woodpeckers, Chaffinch, tits, Crane, Song Trush)
  3. A Black Cap in a deciduous forest
  4. A Robin by a stream in a forest
  5. A Blackbird's concert at dusk
  6. A Green Toad's night trill
  7. Tree Frogs and Fire-bellied Toads in a May night
  8. A Trush Nightingale - a wizard of forests
  9. A Nightingale - a May virtuoso
  10. Frogs in an old pond (Laughing Frog, Edible Frog and Pool Frog)
  11. A Great Reed Warbler - a cheerful singer in rushes
  12. A Marsh Warbler in a clearing of a primeval forest
  13. Field Crickets in June dusk
  14. A forest's awakening after the storm (Golden Oriole)
  15. In a sultry July night (Great green bush-crickets)
  16. A wren at a spring in an alder forest
  17. A swamp in fog (wild boars)
  18. A place where cranes spend their nights
  19. An anxious roe deer
  20. On the track of a gray wolf
  21. A forest in winter

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Price 129 kr NEW PRICE 60 SEK (VAT included)