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Europas Ugglor

Owls of Europe
Europas Ugglor
Oriolus Förlag - Oriolus Publishing House, Uppsala 2008

Text in Swedish and English. 77 voices of all 13 European owl species, between 2 and 9 different voices per species. Not only territorials calls of males but even contacting calls, voices of females and owlets. CD, about 68 min.


Barn Owl  Tyto alba
Scops Owl  Otus scops
Eagle Owl  Bubo bubo
Snowy Owl  Bubo scandiacus
Hawk Owl  Surnia ulula
Pygmy Owl  Glaucidium passerinum
Little Owl  Athene noctua
Tawny Owl  Strix aluco
Ural Owl  Strix uralensis
Great Grey Owl  Strix nebulosa
Long-eared Owl  Asio otus
Short-eared Owl  Asio flammeus
Tengmalm's Owl  Aegolius funereus

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