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Privacy Notice

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPRS) applies in Sweden and in the EU as of May 25, 2018. It is information for you who trade with us or send us your personal information.

1. Who collects Data?
It is Oriolus Forlag (Oriolus Publishing House) Magdalena Grudzinska-Sterno, Malma Backe 2P, 756 47 Uppsala, Sweden, which collects data.

2. What personal data do we handle?
In connection with your order, you will send us the following information: first name, last name, street address, postal code, city, country, phone number, email address and the consent to receive newsletters.

3. How do we use your personal data?
- We use your personal data to contact you in connection with your order, send you ordered items as well as book your payment according to law.
- If you visit us on Facebook, we will not save any information about you as a visitor. Check out Facebook's own rules to see how they handle your personal data.
- If you selected an option "I want to get news from Oriolus Forlag (max 4 times a year)", we will save your personal data in our customer register to send you email with news from our business max. 4 times a year. We will print and keep your mail in paper form until further notice to prove that you send us such permission.

4. What information is provided to others?
We never share your personal data for marketing purposes, we do not sell those, no third parties have access to our registry or email. In some cases, according to the law, we may be required to provide information to authorities that are entitled to request them. The information contained on the invoice, as well as information regarding your payment, can be submitted to the accounting firm.

5. How long do we process your data?
- If you order from us, we will keep your personal data for 1 year. Information required for invoicing, your payments and invoices is saved in accordance with the Swedish Accounting Act for 7 years.
- If you selected the option "I would like to receive news from Oriolus Förlag (max 4 times a year)" we will save your personal data until further notice.

6. What legal basis do we have?
We handle your personal data under the GDPRS, General Data Protection Regulation, which applies throughout the EU from May 25, 2018.
The reason for processing your information when you order from us is Article 6.1 b of the General Data Protection Regulation - Agreement with the registered person.
The reason for processing your personal information when you consent to receive newsletters from us is Article 6.1 b and 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation - Consent.
The basis for processing your personal data for accounting purposes is Article 6.1 c of the General Data Protection Regulation - Legal Obligation.

7. What rights do you have?
You have the right to remove or correct your personal data as well as find out what data we handle. You are entitled to unsubscribe from the mailing of newsletters.
If you think we do not handle your personal data correctly contact us in the first place. You are able to contact Dataskyddsinspektion (Data Protection Inspection).

8. Contact us
Contact us via email

24th May 2018